Valentine's Day

Make at home

I love Valentines Day, I always have and I always will. I adore the idea of giving all of the loves in your life something special to let them know just how dear they are. And an occasion that encourages the giving and receiving of flowers and/or chocolate/baked goods-well that's just darn genius in my books! Even as a child I would look forward to everything "hearts", all of the cheerful pink and red and the tradition of picking out, or creating valentines-something I still look forward to and enjoy in my adult life. I especially love the day now that our children get to experience it for themselves and I can see how much they love it just as I did when I was young (a little vicarious living every now and then never hurt anyone right?? ). Valentine's Day, like every other holiday or occasion, is a time that I want to feel special, something our family will remember and moments that our little ones will treasure and look back on as hallmark snippets of time. And really, creating that isn't an all out week long ordeal, or even something that takes all that much planning. But rather taking the time to select what matters to you and those you love-the effort of thinking of a few small details can really mean the most. Like picking up a bouquet of someone's favourite blooms and taking the time to write a hand written note on pretty paper, baking a delicious pie in the shape of a heart and giving it to someone you care about (or enjoying it yourself!) or handmaking valentines for those you care about instead of buying them. And if you have little ones, including them in the process of making something by hand this time of year is such a fun way to let them be creative and feel proud about their efforts. Valentine's Day is, whether we celebrate it with others or alone, a time when everyone should know they are thought of and that they are loved. Here is a lineup of some of my favourite ideas for Valentines Day this year, I hope you find some inspiration for your special day as well!

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