Homemade Halloween | Spooky Spiders

Halloween is on it's way! I have always loved this time of year, when the temperatures start to drop, the air gets that chilly crispness and the leaves start to fall....and ghosts, witches and pumpkins start to adorn neighbourhood homes. To me it is always a sign that Fall has officially arrived and Halloween is on the horizon. Since I was a kid I thoroughly enjoyed making homemade decorations to hang around our home for the occasion and even now as an adult I still look forward to doing the same. I mentioned in my last post how much fun crafting with our kids is and this project has quickly become one of our favourites for this spooky time of year-a cute take on those creepy crawly eight-legged critters!

Materials: black Play-Doh, twigs (cut into small 1-1.5" lengths), cloves

Not very much instruction needed for this super kid-friendly craft, just roll Play-Doh into small balls of various sizes (the spider body), smoosh them down a bit, stick four small twigs into each side of the body (the spider legs), add two cloves to the top at one end (the spider eyes) and let dry for a few days.

Our son and I had a blast making a few of these one afternoon!

We added them throughout the display on our platter shelves by placing them in the branches and hanging one of them with a string to look like it was dangling from a web!

Happy Halloween-decorating!