Timeless Pieces

I'm not big on buying a ton of new clothes every year, nor have I ever purchased a bunch of accessories, and I don't ever really buy "trendy items" I would rather have articles that I can continually use regardless of the year. As I get older one of the things I find myself doing is looking for and timeless pieces of jewelry, ones I can imagine myself or even my daughter wearing decades from now. Clothes eventually fade, wear through or just plain ol' go out of style (though I would argue that classic style has a much longer shelf life over "fad" styles, things like that comfy cozy, plain grey wool sweater will still be in style and fabulous 7 years from now). So, ok, it's a given that clothes, well, they will at some point be cast aside for "newer". Jewelery, however, is one thing (if you pick the right pieces), that can always be in style no matter how old and will last with use. The trick you ask? Simple design and good quality. They can sometimes be a bit of an investment but I see it as buying one piece that will last and never loose it's style sense vs. buying many cheaper pieces that eventually wear out, break, or go out of style Look at female fashion icons of the past and present that would fall into the category of "classic". I guarantee, they have at least one set of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace, or simple, understated pieces such as small diamond stud earrings, simple small gold hoop earrings, a minimalist gold bracelet or a small faced leather or brown band leather watch. Time-tested, simple beauty, great with any outfit, or any season type pieces.

Of the timeless jewelry finds I have come across some of my favourites are my Olivia Burton gold and tan watch, Tiffany pearl earrings and necklace, KJP single pearl necklace and (most recent addition) my simple gold COACH bracelet. I mix and match when I wear any of the pieces together or I wear them one at a time.

My classic style look abides by the "less is more" principle. For a casual day-to-day look I often pair my watch and bracelet on one wrist alone or along with my single pearl necklace or earrings (I rarely wear earrings and a necklace, it's too formal for my liking for day-to-day). When more dressed up I'll often wear one of my pearl necklaces with my pearl earrings (no bracelet, I feel it can look like a bit of jewellery overload if I wear something everywhere) . They all are so versatile in that they are easily paired with any outfit day or night and they will surely last a lifetime.

This COACH bracelet is actually supposed to be for adding charms but I don't, I love it bare with it's simplicity and clean lines and wear it as an understated piece.

I look forward to slowly adding to my collection of classic jewelry and if you are hoping to do the same or looking for a few pieces to start with, these are a great place to start.

Here are a few more classic pieces that would be a great addition to any collection, I am swooning over these olive leaf earrings from Tiffany.

This bracelet could be paired beautifully with a grouping of 1-2 more simple gold bracelets on one wrist.