Summer Style | Simple & Timeless

A crisp blue and white gingham shirt, white jeans, a pair of tan slides and some gold accessories-a classic summer combo. Today I thought I'd share a little seasonal outfit inspiration with you guys, along with some recent finds for similar items that you can snag for decent prices to get the look. I'm always on the lookout for good deals on timeless pieces to add to my wardrobe. And just as important, I keep in mind that while higher price tags and more "reputable" brands usually mean that the item stands up to more wear-I have found that this isn't always the case in my experience lately. I have some "low end" priced items from cheaper brands that have stood up to daily use beautifully all season and as well as items I paid more for. I find myself following the "high end brand=better" motto even less so these days. Rather I'm just sticking with what catches my eye and what I love, regardless of the name on the tag-why not really? At the end of the day it's just about achieving a look.

Staple pieces, ones that will give me at least 2-3 years of seasonal wear are my go-to. As much as I admire those who can seamlessly combine some super trendy colours and styles into their classic looks, it's not me, and I have realized I'm most comfortable and happy in something that feels good, is fairly neutral and is a simple, not too fussy style. And when you wear what style makes you feel best-that's when you look your best. So here is one of my fav looks for this summer which you can dress up or down to suit your day or evening, and my "same look" finds below as most of the exact pieces are no longer available.

The full outfit view. Blue gingham top is from Roolee this year (so flattering and so cool on hot days-the fabric is a dream), I snapped it up just before spring (no longer available), the white jeans are a couple years old from the GAP. Sandals are form Old Navy this summer, and while they do have some colours like faux suede navy left, they seem to be sold out of the tan. I actually went back to get them again shortly after I bought them as I accidentally scuffed the edge of mine on one of my first wears (eyes rolling), and they were a steal of a deal so I thought "at this price I'll just get a second pair" but alas, everyone else likely also thought so too! The gold knot bracelet is from Joe Fresh and I haven't seen it available again since I bought it as a purchase this winter. And lastly the mini gold disc necklace is from a little Etsy shop called Femina Handmade, I got mine this spring and they are still available (I ordered mine without an initial, it's just the plain gold disc on the gold 16" delicate chain).

Now onto some same or similar items I love that are currently available and that will get you the same ensemble, a couple items are on sale so not sure how long they will last!

J.Crew Factory blue scalloped edge top here

Steve Madden tan sandals (on sale) here

GAP white jeans (on sale) here

Kate Spade gold knot bangle here

Femina Handmade mini gold disc necklace here