Summer Salad with Parma Ham | Sharing a New Favourite & a Cute House Tucked in the Trees

I think I may have found one of my VERY favourite salad recipes ever, this one is SO incredibly flavourful and combines just the right amount of crunch, tangy, saltiness and lightness-perfect for spring or summer. This week we had it for dinner, but it could easily make a fabulous lunch too, and because of the ease in preparing it, it would also be a great option to serve when hosting guests or entertaining a larger group. This recipe is from The Weekend Cookbook, one that I have been turning to a lot lately, in fact this whole week I used recipes from it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert-it's that good.

Catherine's recipes are incredibly simple, easy to prepare and not something you need to fuss with at all, my honest experience is that they always yield delicious dishes. Her recipes are all designed with the intention of being able to make them while away from your own home (I'm definitely taking this book with me on our next vacation), so you wont find any recipes within it which require a mixer, several different measuring devices or rare ingredients. She even gives tips on ways you can work around preparing recipes without all of the usual kitchen tools at hand such as using a wine bottle as a rolling pin or a yogurt cup as a measuring cup-I love her craftiness!