Sugar Cookies | A Christmas Tradition

Every year growing up my mom and my sister and I would make sugar cookies around Christmas time. Now as an adult I have carried on that same tradition with our children and it warms my heart to spend this time with them together, it's something I always look forward to this time of year. I love watching them as they thoughtfully pick and plan their cookie cutter shapes and anticipate the decorating of them as they bake. And then upon decorating each cookie I adore seeing each sweet little detail they add. Some with a lot of icing, some with a little, some with squiggly little lines and some with plops. And as our little ones grow I can already see the slow evolution of their skills, now both precisely placing cutters on the dough where there is space, picking and choosing icing colours accordingly for their item they are making, each little detail being so joyous and exciting to them as they add it. I love it, it's a tradition that I hope to carry on with them as long as possible and one I hope that they too pass on to their children and so on.

The recipes that I have used for sugar cookies has varied from time to time, with the recipe that we used this year and last seeming to be the best from ones we have externally sourced, But nothing compares to the recipe I grew up with (I plan to go back to using this recipe next year). So I'm sharing both recipes today as they really are each amazing in their own ways. The recipe from Canadian Living magazine's "Holiday Baking" issue creates a dough that holds up beautifully with handling, even with repeated rolling and cutting it does not spread upon baking so the shapes come out perfectly. My mom's recipe has the best taste I think and it makes a lighter, flakier cookie.