Store-Potted Flowers | Dressing Up The Bland

I love buying store bought potted flowers, whether for myself or to give, I think they are a great way to brighten any space for the season in or out. But I do find that when gifting, I would often cringe at the shiny, aluminum wrap that clads the pot or start wracking my brain at how I can hide that unsightly plain ol' bland green (or black) plastic vessel it resides in. Today I'm sharing my favourite simple method for dressing up and hiding these issues, a way to let the beautiful blooms be front and centre. And chances are most of the items you need to accomplish this are already lying around your home, and if by chance they're not, it’s only a quick store trip away-no super expensive investments needed.

Here are my two no-fail methods for creating a pretty plastic pot cover with rustic charm.

(Whether small or large pots, it's the exact same steps just a change in the bag size).

Materials. Scissors, ribbon, Kraft paper giftbag (large or small depending on size of pot), tag & pen (optional)

Option #1. Small Bag

Step 1.) If there are holes in the bottom of the plastic pot, cover with a clear plastic bag or saran wrap. Tape in place if needed (to avoid water or soil leaking).

Step 2.) Measure the height you will need to cut your giftbag to by standing it up beside the pot (I like to have the top edge of the bag come right up to the bottom flowers), mark it with a very light pencil line and using a straight edge, draw the whole line across it. Cut the line with scissors, now the handles of the bag have been removed.

Step 3.) Place the potted plant inside the bag.

Step 4.) Tie a ribbon around the bag (I like to tie it around the top if using this method)

The structure and stiffness of using a giftbag are key to achieving a crisp finished look.

Option #2. Large Bag

Complete steps 1-2 as above

Step 3.) I like to do this step when using a larger bag (either for a larger plant pot or just to get a different look on a smaller plant) as it allows the ribbon to drape a bit over the front of the bag rather than encircling it, but you can also do this with smaller bags as well. Cut small holes into each side of the bag at your desired height. Be sure to pull back the bottom of the bag so that it is not folded up against the bag when you do this to avoid cutting into it.

Step 4. ) Run the ribbon through the holes you just cut starting at the front and ending at the front with the loose ends.

Step 5.) Place the potted plant inside the bag

Step 4.) Tie the ribbon


To add one more touch of customization, remove the plastic steak containing the name of the plant and care instructions, and instead replace with a Kraft tag and handwritten note with the same info (slide into the side of the pot or as I like to do, in between the blooms).