Re-Discovering A Coastal Beauty

New England Home

New England Home | Ocean Breezy

Let's take a little trip back in time and tour a stately coastal home shall we? Featured in the 2015 July-August Issue of New England Magazine this home deserves a second take. And while on that topic-why is it that the beautiful homes featured in shelter magazines of years past never seem to make it back into the spotlight once they've had it? I love pouring over older issues of magazines and online sites with the aim of discovering or re-discovering style that inspires me, whether it be from 20 years ago or 2 years ago, there is always something to take away, always something I didn't see the first time, always something that speaks to me and that I find beauty in. I've said it once and I'll say it again, "classic style is always in style", it's a style that is fluid and always relevant to present day....let's head inside.

Such an earthly aesthetic, it blends right in with it's surroundings, and yet still draws your attention to it's beauty-perfect interpretation of how architectural presence shouldn't appear like it was plunked down and have no relevance to it's environment.

Rustic elements of classic.

Still love everything about it-nearly 4 years later.


Still love eveything about it-nearly 4 years later.