Picnic & Polo | A Perfect Afternoon

We've always been meaning to head out to the country for a local polo game and we finally did. All I have to say is I so wish we would have done it sooner and that we will be going many, many more times to come-we're hooked and now fans for life. We all absolutely loved the sport and it was such a fantastic way to spend an afternoon together outdoors as a family. I mean it was in one of the most picturesque settings, with the sun shinning down, room for the kiddos to play, a picnic lunch and the back hatch of the JEEP open for lounging in the shade and the perfect spot to perch and take in the game....exactly what I had hoped it would be like. We actually got to watch three different matches so it was several hours of entertainment and outdoor fun.

For our picnic I packed lots of handhelds like blueberries, carrots, cold cuts, cheese and crackers. Everything was aimed to be quick to pack, easy to assemble, kid friendly and as mess-free as possible. I also packed a cedar grilling plank to act as a "charcuterie board" of sorts figuring it was a simple rustic way to serve the hand held munchies and then dispose of afterwards (less cleanup=a happy mama) and it worked perfectly-I'll be doing that again.

We ate lunch while watching the first match, then when it was nearly done we packed up and moved to the next field where we watched two more matches. It really is such a captivating sport to take in, it's preppy poise and proper infused with the intensity and fierceness of the competition. The horses are such an integral part of the game, it was mesmerizing to see how the player and animal worked together as one, honestly, we could have stayed there all day just watching them gallop up and down the field-the sound of the horse hooves never gets old.... (we love horses).

I made sure to snap a few photos of the intriguing nod to nautical throughout the grounds, including this ship anchor and the large antique ship mast above. I did happen to overhear where the ship mast came from (one man's purchase) during the tour we attended, but I'm afraid my attempt to retell any details of the story would likely not do it instead we'll just enjoy it's beauty.