Moving To The Country | Our Next Chapter

What if I told you this was the road in front of our home....because it will be!!!! I'm so excited to be able to share the news that we’re moving to the country and building our dream house friends!! I can’t tell you how very happy this makes us-it’s been something that we have been dreaming of for years while searching for the right property and now it’s a reality!

Some of you may have already read the tiny note I wrote in one of my blog posts a while ago that mentioned this but now I’m officially sharing with all of you. I hope you follow along with us as we go on this new adventure!! We’re about three quarters of the way into the design process and I’m super excited to share more details as we go, creating our little dream home nestled in the countryside. My mind is a whir with ideas for our home and land planning all the big and little projects we have dreamt of and are itching to start....Here are some photos of our little slice of heaven-a blank canvas currently and yet my heart just sings every time we go there, without a doubt it’s home and we can’t wait to raise our kids there.

For us it means the unfolding of the dream of spending quiet moments with my love watching sunsets and sunrises, kids laughing and running in the field-with a dog following, growing overflowing gardens, wellies as staple footwear, dinning outdoors every chance we get, spending full days puttering with dirt on our hands, long country walks and hosting family and friends,....making a lifetime of memories as a family there-we are so very blessed to have this chapter in our life and I look forward to sharing it and our story with you!!

The view directly to the land as you enter it. We plan to build a barn in the back left hand corner eventually, it will house gardening tools, a gardening work area and will also serve as a spot to entertain or just hangout in a small enclosed (but open to the outdoors if desired) space. In a separate closed off area within it may also be the home for the ride-on tractor/mower-hubby is super excited about having one:)

A little bit more of the view to the east-both of the neighbouring properties have horses, we are all (especially the kids) looking forward to this and watching them everyday.

And the view to the west-on a clear day you can see the rocky mountains off in the distance peaking through the tree tops. I love this view, we plan to take full advantage of it with the barn location.

This is the view of the property across the road from us, I actually really adore the charm of this place, some may see old out buildings, I only see history and beauty (I have a soft spot for barns) and the charm from the dated structures including the little windmill make for character and story surrounding us, I just love it and wouldn't wish to change a thing. There is also another larger windmill that stands far off in the distance of the large field to the north-west of our property You can spot this one if you look really hard at the first photo (across the road). And also down this road to the east (about a 5 minute walk if that) is the town's Farmers' Market that occurs every Friday afternoon during the summer months, I mean how amazing is this? This place was just meant to be ours, I'm sure of it!