Lunch Alfresco | A White Dress

Hi everyone! Sharing just a short one this morning about how summer has been fantastic in that we have made a concerted effort to get out more on little local adventures. Picnics are one of the easiest ways to do this and an excuse to get outside and explore. Last month we packed up and headed out for a lunch in the sun and grass, and while we didn't stay super long (it was quite windy!!) we did eat a yummy lunch and get in some play time (including attempting to fly a kite-with no success-apparently it helps to have ALL of the pieces of the kite-ha!)

Part of what I love most about our picnics is driving in the countryside to and from our destinations, there is nothing like it and no better way to take in a beautiful day with the fam, away from the bustle of everyone else!

Here's what we packed for lunch (nothing fancy), blueberries, snap pea chips, sandwiches on mini rolls and juice-easy. The picnic basket used to be my parents which they kindly gifted to us and I plan to do the same with our kids to keep it as a family heirloom ( I love items like this that bring simple pleasures and mean so much).

A white linen dress fit for the occasion, cool, breathable fabric that can withstand wrinkles (or just looks better with wrinkles;) and is the perfect length for sitting comfortably on a picnic blanket.

Head outside today and enjoy these last few weeks of sunny warm weather, fall (at least here) will arrive sooner than we know it-until next time!