Let's Get Cooking


Every kitchen needs a good set of knives. We use them every single day in our home and what a difference it makes to be working with a great high quality set of cutlery vs. whatever is lowest price. My first Laguiole purchase was a set of stainless steel steak knives and from then on I was hooked and there was no going back. Nearly every single knife that I have purchased since then has been Laguiole if I can find it. They maintain their sharpness incredibly well, they are easy to handle, the blade is designed to never rust, and they are beautiful in their utilitarian state. Each knife is handmade in France and the brand's history dates back to the 1800's. If you are patient and keep your eye open you can usually find them at Homesense (Homegoods if in the US) for a fraction of the price you would pay to order or purchase them from a kitchen store. But if you want to get your hands on some right away or you have a specific one you are looking for you can find them at the Laguiole website here or Williams Sanoma here . I imagine they will last a lifetime if cared for and they make for wonderful gifts.