Keeping Organized For The Year


With a new year just begun now is the perfect time to ensure you have all the right tools to keep you organized and on track with the day-to-day demands of life and the adventures that you will be planning. Every year I purchase a new day planner and fresh note pads/stationery. And while I do have all of my agenda commitments in my phone (and a couple random "To Do" lists, I'm the type of person who likes tangible items when it comes to life and planning. This is probably due to my old-school mentality, I also opt for a magazine over digital print, a printed plane ticket over a digital boarding pass a hand written thank you note and an invitation in the mail over a text or an email. I really have no idea why, other than I just prefer some things in life that way. I feel like it lets you keep some of the things in life simple and in my mind, more enjoyable and more special, even if it means taking a bit more time and effort.

That being said, there is just something so satisfying and gratifying about seeing your day and or week all laid out in front of you, prioritized lists, organized, (categorized if need be) and days scheduled in an orderly manner by time (ok maybe that's the type A in me). I enjoy the ritual of waking up, going downstairs to the kitchen grabbing a cup of coffee and then looking at the planner for the days itinerary. It feels like life is less chaotic, more manageable and definitely more orderly. But I do have to say, I'm pretty picky when it comes to what I buy, I want the items I use to be beautiful and classic in style as I use them every single day and they sit out on display. The brand Sugar.Paper has a line of planners and stationery that fit the bill and more, they are so incredibly chic and I plan to make a few of them my day-to-day paper sidekicks.-maybe you will too!

Leather Agenda Cover | Cognac | Sugar.Paper

(My favourite pick for planner covers and so beautiful I would call it an accessory, simply slip your agenda inside every year-it's classic style that keeps on going)

Desk Planner | Linen Flax | Sugar.Paper

(Timeless and simple, an agenda that exudes polished style)

The Concealed Planner | Chambray Stripe | Sugar.Paper

(Keep organized with a dash of nautical style)

The Spiral Planner | Black | Sugar.Paper

(Classic planner style)

It's On The List Notepad | Sugar.Paper

(Yes please, I'm definitely getting me one of these. I'm all about desktop reminders and daily/weekly lists to keep me on track of what needs to be done and this makes it all pretty and perfectly neat- sheer perfection!)

Today | Blue Notepad | Sugar.Paper

(The perfect to-do list pallet, it packs simple classic style into an everyday item)

Mini Notepad | A Gold Little Note | Sugar.Paper

(So classy, perfect for beside the phone)

The Petite Journal | Blue Pinstripe | Sugar.Paper

(perfect for in the handbag and impromptu jot downs)

In my search for planners I also came across these little beauties so of course I couldn't' resist sharing them with you. I also love the act of creating a hand written note, whether it's to say I'm thinking of you, come celebrate with us, join us for dinner or a little message added to any gift, it takes the whole experience to the next level and adds a classy touch you can mark as your own.

Personalized Stationary | French Blue | Sugar.Paper

(Exactly what I need for thank you notes, gift giving and handwritten invites)

So Sweet Of You | Blue | Sugar.Paper

(The title on these cards say it all-who wouldn't want to receive one)