I'm Dreaming

The Mayflower Inn

Today I 'm dreaming, I'm dreaming of a little place nestled amongst the trees, a lush green blanket of grass stretching beyond the boxwood hedged courtyard below, gently hugging the curves of the hill all the way down to the pool beyond, both of which I can see from my viewpoint. The quiet sounds of clinking fine china and good times had by casual conversation on the patio off in the distance make their way up to an open window in the weathered cedar shingled building I find myself within. A cozy fire flickering in the room while the sunlight streams through the window next to me and the charmingly dressed chair I have plunked myself in, a good book in my hands...

I'm dreaming of a gem of a place that I came across in Washington, CT called The Mayflower Inn and it is in my opinion, definitely the definition of classic and has a place on my list of places to stay. With it's absolutely stunning architecture, quaint location, heavenly appointed rooms including everything from fireplaces to luxurious linens and tapestries, manicured grounds and coastal aesthetic, it embodies every bit of the tasteful style and thoughtful details of a timeless inn. I imagine it's somewhere you not only go to escape the big city, to slow down and revel in the beauty around you but a place where you feel elevated. When you stay at the Mayflower your senses are gifted, it's sheer perfection, you are the beholder of it's treasures. It's a location reserved for peaceful moments and joyous celebration, somewhere memories are made and shared forever.....

Mayflower Inn, Washington, CT

The anticipation builds with the first glimpse upon arriving at the front of the Inn. Shutters, cedar shingles, white clapboard, brick chimney, wooden front door all tell a story of what lies within is surely going to be good!

Mayflower Inn, Washington, CT

The gorgeous exterior and grounds are drool worthy.

An inviting patio doesn't disappoint offering guests the breathtaking views of the property. Could you imagine yourself sitting here in the summer with a cold drink in had-I can!

The pool-yes please!

The handsome living room, a wonderful place to relax in the evening.

The restaurant, intimate and chic.

One of the rooms, stunning, who would ever want to leave.

Another room, clean and airy, a perfect place to unwind.

An in-room living room offers home away from home accommodations. Now I really wouldn't ever want to leave....other than to take a dip in that pool ;)

Truly perfection.