How To Keep Your Flowers Fresher Longer

Alice's Table

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Our Top Secret Hacks To Keep Your Flowers Alive | Alice's Table

Flowers are a lovely addition to any home throughout the year, they bring life and color to a room, joy and happiness to those around them and of course a lovely aroma. Even during these colder winter months, I often find myself buying flowers , perhaps in an attempt to remind me that the warmer and sunnier days of spring are not too far ahead? I hope. But one thing has always perplexed me (especially when it comes to hydrangeas-my favourite bloom), how to keep them living and looking fresh longer. Let's face it , flowers are not exactly cheap and so doing anything at all to maximize the time we get to enjoy them is in my opinion well worth the effort. Over at Alice's Table (a floral entrepreneurs dream gig) Alice shares 3 key tips on what you can do to keep your flowers looking like new. The 3 secrets to success you ask?

1. Water, water, water. Spray flowers with water a several times a day, especially Hydrangeas as they are one of the few flowers that drink from the petals of their bloom. If Cutting flowers fresh from your own garden, do so in the early morning when they are hardiest. And when fresh cutting your flowers dunk their heads upside down in a bucket of water for 10 minutes before arranging.

2. Place cut stems of flowers immediatley into water (ideally warm water)-no waiting.

3 . Keep the vase clean, change out the water for fresh warm water and give stems a fresh snip every 3 days while ensuring that none of the leaves of the flowers get into the water.

Thank you Alice! Not only do we get to enjoy our flowers longer, I'm sure they're happier too!