Halloween Bark | A Salty & Sweet Treat

I made this yummy Halloween bark for our daughter's Halloween class party this year and I'm sure that the kiddos will think it's a pretty great treat-what's not to like? Chocolate dressed up with cute little ghosts and pumpkins and some pretty scrumptious witch accessories all packaged up in a charming little bag and tag-it's Spooktacular!

While this bark is not super quick (it takes a bit of time to create all of the little details on the bark, let it set/harden and then package up individually), it is super simple. And you know what, it can be made even quicker and easier by adding less additions to the bark itself. You definitely could just opt to do pumpkins or ghosts, or just witch brooms and hats, or how how about just spooky ghosts and eyes?....Any combination would be equally adorable, have fun with it and come up with what works for you, adding more or less details! I chose to do chocolate pumpkins, ghosts and witch hats (hard to see in the photo), pretzel and chcolate brooms, sea salt and candy eyes. Here is how I went about making the bark.


6-8 +/- cups of semisweet milk chocolate chips (depending on how much bark you want to make-I used around 6 and it made 23 individual packages afterwards)