Granary Road | A Countryside Gem

It's likely everyone has a favourite summer spot or two that holds a special place in their hearts, either from memories or just pure enjoyment of going there. For us, Granary Road ( you can find the website here is one of those places, which for both reasons noted, is amongst our weekly destinations once sunnier days arrive for spring, summer and if we're lucky, early fall. So because we are so fond of this place and also just to share a little bit of this slice of country heaven, I thought I would do a post dedicated to it. If you're ever in the area or if you live locally in southern Alberta, it's a must no matter the age, there is something for everyone to love!

The view of the market/main entrance to the active learning park, love the architecture of the buildings, they are so suited to that of the foothills area.

Inside the market it's full of unique vendors where you will find everything from fresh produce to jam and homemade gifts. Roosters Creamery as pictured above is new this year, it used to be a chocolatier in this spot, but hey, we're not complaining! We stopped in to grab some ice cream on our last trip-it did not disappoint.

Luc's is a family favourite, we often stop by here to pick up pepperoni sticks, but the cheese looks equally as tasty and I have already told hubby that on our next trip we are definitely doing one of their charcuterie boards for lunch-I can't wait!

And my kids would not be happy with me had I not taken the time to mention the pizza here, it's wood fired and always their pick hands down every time for lunch or dinner (watching them toss the dough in the air is also great entertainment for littles), we highly recommend the margarita pizza-the fresh basil makes it.

And here it is, the famous almond croissant (on the right) from the Saltbox Bakery, the chocolate one is also pretty tasty, and those scones in the back are making me drool. If I'm being completely honest, this little bakery is kind of one of the main reasons my husband and I love going to this place, (sshhhh don't tell the kids;). A coffee and one of their fresh baked treats, now that's how you start your weekend, I mean if you get there when they open you're likely to even get one straight out of the oven. And don't get me started on their homemade breads!

Ok, now onto the outside, the active learning park is always a hit with the kids, every summer since it opened we have purchased season passes. It's just such a great way to spend a morning, we show up and let the kids run and climb to their hearts content, check out farm animals and learn about nature along the way, it's perfect. This is the view of the park from the market.

Here are some of the goats, you can even go in one of the enclosures and pet them if you so wish-just be prepared for them to nibble your clothing!

The famous daily "running of the goats".

Ducks enjoying a morning swim.

Granary Road is a working farm and they use as much local produce as possible for their restaurant including an onsite garden as well as chicken coop. It's pretty neat to be able to show your kids how truly "farm to table" can work and the dedication that goes into it.

The garden starting to take shape.

Prize winning level of beautiful lettuce and kale-just amazing, one day I hope to have a garden with this much gorgeous in it!

The view from one of the paths in the park-it never gets old.

This picturesque setting of Granary Road is wonderful, the foothills are actually my favourite part of the region that we live in. There is just something so breathtaking and special about the soft grassy hills dotted with trees, shrubs and wildflowers and that quiet beckoning of the meandering roads which leads to the next adventure.