Fall Style | Little Girl | Olive Juice

While hunting for fall/winter children's clothing this year, I came across another incredible classic style brand called Olive Juice and it's become one of my absolutely favourite labels. Once you take a look you'll see exactly what I mean, they have some of the most gorgeous patterned fabrics that they use along with the sweetest of finishes, not to mention traditional English style references in their pieces-just perfect in so many ways! I purchased several items that were on clearance from their line and plan to combine a few for fall/winter outfits and stash the rest away until spring rolls around next year (I love doing this, when it comes time to pull out previous purchases it's like seeing them again for the first time all over, and it feels great knowing you snagged a deal and won't have to start from complete scratch when buying for the next season!). I also snapped up a couple items from their "Bazarre" section which is one-off pieces in select sizes that are left over from seasons past. But the great part is because of their classic style, everything is still perfectly in-style. Here are a few of my favourite pieces we were lucky to nab plus some extras I love-it makes me giddy just looking at this gallery of photos!

grey floral pocket dress | bird and flowers dress | striped tie top | navy corduroy skirt | burgundy velvet dress | black dot tie skirt | grey ruffle collar top | grey gingham top | brown wool cardigan