Fall Style | Little Boys | ZARA

I adore ZARA for it's European style clothing, I really do. The brand often provides refreshing takes on classic fashion amidst a sea of mainstream looks that typically flood most other large chain stores. And you now what, though you may end up paying a bit more, the quality is fabulous too, we have shopped there fairly frequently for children's clothing on a year to year basis and their pieces are always among the ones that hold up well each season, which brings us back time and time again. Today I'm featuring their little boy's clothing that I am in love with for fall (not a sponsored post, just sharing the items I adore). There are so many great muted colours in the collection and I love the fact that in going this route mixing, matching and layering is a breeze (a must when dressing littles), which also means more ensembles for less dollars-perfect! I've purchased many of the pieces below for our little guy, but have also included a few extras in the mix. This will be the third winter that I've bought the quilted winter coat for him-I absolutely adore it!.

pale green sweater | quilted jacket | cream sweater | navy hooded sweater | grey sweater | black and white button up shirt | dark green corduroy shirt | striped turtleneck | brown turtleneck | grey turtleneck | denim overalls | loafer | knitted hat | knitted scarf | camel sweater