Fall Guide | Yard & Garden

Fall is officially upon us and with that comes preparing for colder and (if like us here) snow covered days. For me this time of year usually entails a fairly lengthy list of thoughts and to-do's for our garden and yard that start swirling through my head like "I need to empty the herb planters before the first frost" or "I really should trim back the hydrangeas....but wait....when am I supposed to do that again?". So in order to make this job easier and to get a little more organized with my outdoor fall to-do list, I opted to create a seasonal fall month-by-month plan to guide me through it. I hope to also do this for every other season in order to be consistent and timely in what needs to get done outdoors-I'm a "lets make a list" type person, and if I see it all laid out cleanly before me it makes a tedious task that much more enjoyable! After crafting this list I feel like my mind and thoughts are sorted and ready to get into the full swing of the season, I hope it helps you to do the same!

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