Dried Garland | Fall Family Crafts

This fall we have been very busy crafting homemade decorations for the season, the most I can recall to date. We have been trying to stick to simple, not too expensive, natural/rustic, family-friendly projects and it's been lots of fun for the kids to be able to have a hand in so many of them. The charm that comes with a child-made item is so sweet, and it makes for some really great memories of time spent creating together. This super easy fall garland was a cinch, and our daughter pretty much did it all on her own (with supervision). I would guess that including the time we took to gather a few items from the outdoors we were done within an hour and we didn't have to buy a thing-now that's my kind of craft!

Materials: Sewing needle, thread/twine/string, natural items like leaves or stems etc. dried basil leaves (store-bought), dried apple slices, cinnamon, cloves, scissors.

First gather all of the items you would like to include in your garland, we chose to hunt for a few leaves and flower stems that had dried already outside to add to our items we already had at home. We used the pre-dried apple slices we made prior (see post on "fall mini wreaths" to learn how we created them) and dried basil leaves (store-bought).

Cut your desired length of twine/string/thread (plus a extra to allow for tying the ends and hanging it). Using the needle and thread/string/twine, thread on the items using the pattern of your choosing and once finished secure the ends by tying them-done!

We decided to hang ours on the fireplace screen initially, but eventually moved it to being strung across the antique chest of drawers beside the fireplace-where will you put yours?