Wrapping Paper & Stationery

JSH | Sara Fitz | WH Hostess

I'm known to get weak in the knees when it comes to beautiful notepads, notecards, gift tags and gift wrap and I am constantly on the look out for charming classic options-it's one of those things that you can always use more of and need to keep a well stocked supply of on hand. I find that if I stick with patterns and designs that are neutral, I can use them any time of the year for any given occasion, all I do is change up the ribbon and tag accordingly. I also like keeping my wrapping paper on display in an extra large basket in our office area and my notecards and envelopes in a basket holder on top of the desk-I figure it's so beautiful why not show it off! And at the base of all of my pretty paper madness, well, I believe that giving a gift or writing a note is just that much more special when offered with classic style. Take a peek at some of the my favourite brands offering classic designs below-I guarantee you'll find something you like!


Sara Fitz

WH Hostess