Classic Style On Any Budget

Women's spring fashion

Classic style doesn't have to cost a fortune, especially when it comes to clothing. Though I would argue that sometimes investing a bit more in your wardrobe (especially key pieces like a good pair of jeans, a great sweater, an oxford shirt and a pair of comfortable loafers and boots) can mean you get more than one years worth of use out of it (remember classic style is always in style). Spending a bit more also usually means you get better quality, from the way it fits, to the tailoring, to the grade of fabric, and it can also mean that the piece looks better longer with regular washing and wear. But all that being said, it's nice to have a bit of fun by maybe buying an item in a new colour that you usually don't wear (less money invested means feeling more comfortable about taking that leap!), or maybe you just need a pair of shorts or a t-shirt that you know you will only wear for one season and then replace (like a white t-shirt or a cute pair of navy shorts). And then, well, sometimes you just cringe when you see the price tag-we've all had that moment:)

So whether you're shopping with a high or low budget in mind, or looking to mix a bit of both (my favourite method) , here are some looks to get you started on your classic spring style-happy shopping!

High Budget Spring Looks:

(From left to right in each row)

Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Draper James

Tuckernuck, Boden, Tuckernuck

J.Crew, J.Crew, Boden

Boden, Tuckernuck, Boden

Low Budget Spring Looks:

(From left to right in each row)

J.Crew Factory, Old Navy, Old Navy

Target, Old Navy, Old Navy,

Old Navy, Old Navy, GAP

J.Crew Factory, H&M, J.Crew Factory

Old Navy, Gap Factory, Old Navy

Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy

Target, H&M