Kiel James Patrick

With Valentine's Day just around the corner this post arrives with perfect timing. If you're still looking for that little something special for that lovely lady in your life (or ladies if you just want to indulge yourself) hopefully you'll find some ideas here-I know I'll be asking my love for one of the items below!. One of my go-to brands for jewelry and clothing is Kiel James Patrick for a few reasons which I will share with you today. But let's first just say, I know this brand will likely not be a "new" find for most readers out there, but it's a fabulous find nonetheless, and a label every classic style lover can appreciate.

KJP is among my most loved brands because of their classic aesthetic in all of the items they carry, the numerous pearl options for jewellery (my staples), the unique and fresh take on timeless fashion and their incredible affordability. You can come away with stunning, high quality classic pieces that will work in your wardrobe for a lifetime and it won't require you to empty out your wallet! I'll share with you my favourite women's pieces below but there are so many wonderful products that they now carry, I highly suggest you make your way over to their sight to see for yourself. And yes, there will be lots of pearls, pearls,'s one of their signature looks (whose complaining? Certainly not me!).

The Notebook Shirt Dress

Nautical Chinoiserie Midi Dress

Oyster Elegance

Jackie Oyster

Queen B

Monogram Chain Necklace

The Audrey Bracelet

Classy Girls

Forever Pearl Bracelet

Ocean Drops

Chinoiserie Pearl Drop Earrings

The Royal Crown