Classic Christmas Gifts | Little Children

Christmas shopping usually starts around October for me, I definitely approach it with the intent to take my time and gather items and ideas slowly, ensuring that they are thoughtful, quality gifts and something that the person wants and will use is important I feel. This year I feel like I have done a lot of my shopping online from Amazon, like A-LOT (this is not a sponsored post, you an rest assured that non of mine are at this point!). I think it's because of my whole shift in mindset about what Amazon has to offer in general. I used to think of it as a cheaper, low quality seller of not-so great items, but , this is so not the case.

Many times I have come across something on Amazon that I had already purchased elsewhere, but usually it's offered at a lower cost and with free shipping-win, win. Now, I'm not saying that one should buy completely online, I am a huge believer that we still need to support our brick and mortar business, and make a concerted effort to especially buy locally from those smaller boutique style stores (my favourite). But...sometimes at the end of the day shopping online for the items you can only get vie Ecommerce for a great price is a major plus, and this is definitely the case for the items below.

Today I'm sharing my top picks for classic children's gifts from Amazon, some of which I have purchased already for our littles and some of which are on wish lists or just great items I have discovered (you can also likey get them all on for my fellow Canadian friends). I have put together this list with the hopes that maybe it'll give some others ideas for gifts as well. Whether it be Christmas this year or next or just a gift for that special someone for any occasion, sometimes you just don't know where to start (been there) so make it easier on yourself with hopefully checking off a few gifts all from one location-happy shopping!

Little Girl | Classic Gift Ideas

baking set | teaset picnic basket | kids nantucket bike basket | doll highchair | play kitchen | dollhouse | horse stable | dollhouse furniture | angelina ballerina book | parisan teaset | bunny roo I love you book | mice skating book | maileg bunny | claris in paris book | guitar |

Little Boy | Classic Gift Ideas

barn | play doctor kit | tool set | maileg mouse | ride-on vintage truck | guitar | train | harmonica | wooden cars | town play mat set | hobby horse stick | play castle | paddington book | wooden floating sail boat | blocks set |