Classic Children's Rooms

Style For Any Age

Today I thought I would share my top picks for children's bedroom designs. I am a big fan of simple, classic and age-neutral (is that a word??) spaces for children that will transition with ease over time. I believe that when selecting wallpaper, colour schemes, fabrics and furniture, stick with what works both now and in the future. Keeping to this timeless pallet allows you to easily swap the small stuff out like bedding, toys, artwork, throw pillows etc. as their (or your) tastes evolve while maintaining the same background for it all, one that continually works and will be loved no matter what age. Included in the list are the bedrooms of our daughter and son-my most favourite spaces in our entire house (classic but representative of their personality), and I think they would say the same!

Love the crib (our little ones had a very similar one) and the skirt, most charming wallpaper and dish display.

Obsessed with this wallpaper and the scalloped edge detail on the bed linen.

Simply sweet, so feminine and classic-perfect.

A cozy nook to sleep in and a clever idea to use pattern on the walls and ceiling as a way to draw attention to the architectural details.

Love this color scheme-handsome and works for any age.

So chic, grand scale but layered textiles make it feel warm and inviting.

Source Unknown

Country classic-so darling, love all of the little details here including the lamp shade and basket.

Classic style with a soft pallet and a little bit of whimsy-just the way I think a little girls room should feel!

Our Daughter's Room

A mixture of blue patterns, crisp whites, brass touches and wood tones are my favourite combination for a boys room-simply handsome in my opinion!

Our Son's Room