Citrus Cocktail | Something Festive To Sip

I absolutely love Half Baked Harvest, I've tried numerous of her recipes and every single one has always been delicious. This time I decided we would try one of her cocktail recipes for the Christmas season called the Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail and it has since earned a spot among our favourite festive drinks. It's citrus so it provides a little tart factor that I always gravitate towards when choosing a mixed drink and yet the ginger rounds it out nicely so that it mellows any risk of too sweet. This would also make for the perfect little something to sip on New Years Eve!


*for an individual serving*

2 ounces vodka

1/2 ounce St. Germain (elderflower liqour) *we opted to leave this out

1/3 cup fresh squeezed clementine or blood orange juice

ginger beer for topping

pomegranate arils for topping

1 sprig fresh thyme or mint leaf

Fill a cocktail glass with ice (we like a lot so we nearly fill an entire glass to the brim). Add the vodka, elderflower (if using-we did not) and clementine juice and top with ginger beer. Add some pomegranate arils and thyme or mint and enjoy!


*for a pitcher*

1 cup vodka

1/2 cup St. Germain

1 1/2 cups fresh squeezed clementine or blood orange juice

2 12 ounce ginger beers

4 fresh thyme sprigs or mint leaves

arils of one pomegranate

In a large pitcher combine vodka, St. Germain (if using) and clementine juice, chill until ready to serve.

Just before serving and ice, ginger beer and pomegranate arils, serve garnished with thyme or mint in each glass.