Children's Toys

Blabla Kids

I absolutely adore the brand blabla kids, they make the most sweet and charming kids toys that are truly the definition of classic. In fact, they are the one toy that I can honestly say I think is a must for a child, they are just that good. You could easily purchase one of them today and then hand it down from generation to generation-it would still be in style and just as lovely years from now (that's our plan)!The details and the workmanship that goes into each doll is outstanding, all of them are handknitted, made with natural fibers, fairtrade and non-toxic. Both of our kids have a few of them and I would love to add to the collection. They make for the very best baby gifts as well as even the tiniest of hands can hold their rattle sized dolls. One look and I am sure you will be hooked!

"we can’t really explain it ourselves, but a blabla friend is a friend for life. Children have cherished our dolls forever." (blabla kids)

Our daughter has this one.

Our son has this one.

Our kids shared this one.

Would love to add the next two to their collection.