Baskets & Bells | Nantucket Style On Two Wheels

I love the style of Nantucket, the simplicity, the history, the easy style and the charm it exudes. It's one of those places that we haven't visited yet-but are itching to go and see for ourselves sometime (it seems like an absolute slice of heaven!). It's also the place that I continue to reference for most of my inspiration when it comes to home style, interior decorating, fashion and lifestyle. I aim to bring a bit of it's essence (as best one can do without actually living in Nantucket) into our life here at home every chance I get. I don't know how to explain why other than, it gives me joy and it feels aligned with the way of life I envision for our family, classic, traditional, easy, breezy, cozy and quaint. Now, with that being said, I have always wanted a cruiser bike (very Nantucket right??), what's a more quintessentially small town New England method of transportation if there is one?'s a bike....with a basket. So in my process of beginning the search for my own "Nantucket style" two wheeler, I have also gathered a couple of amazing bike accessories along the way, of which I am so excited to share with you!

First are the bike baskets, every cruiser bike needs one. Not only are they beautiful, they are functional-how else can you take lunch and a blanket on your picnic by bike? Or what other way do you bring back fresh produce from the farmers market by way of two wheels? I ordered one for myself and one for my daughter, both are pictured above. Hers is the "child" size so it's slightly smaller (hard to tell from the photo given how they are arranged, but mine is the larger one in the back).

These baskets are from the Nantucket Bike Basket Co. and I purchased them on Amazon for a steal of a deal (they are currently at a reduced price-see links below to snag one of your own). You can also order them direct form the company website and I'm sure even elsewhere if you did some looking. They are handmade in the original Nantucket lightship style and are available in an assortment of colours and shapes but I favour the classic "D" shape design and "Honey Stain" colour (or "Cisco D" if going by their website) which is what we both got. The shades of our baskets are very similar, but mine is slightly lighter, probably an occurrence due to the natural variation in the rattan fibres. And I will say this, you can tell when handling these baskets that they are made with durable materials and quality finishing.

Here is my basket. (Link to purchase here).

And the view of the back with leather straps and brass buckles. All of the details are just spot on, the leather colour and buckle choice is perfect in my opinion.

Here is my daughter's in the "child" size. (Link to purchase here).

It has almost copper-like buckles on the leather straps.

And now for my second purchase, the bike bells. There isn't much to explain here, other than to say these bells were another great find at a reasonable price. They will make for another classic accessory on any cruiser bike and I love that they are polished brass. They work on a spring mechanism and you can tell that they will hold up over time and use, and if you care, they make a lovely chime when rung (not that it matters what the bell sounds like-ha!) I also ordered them from Amazon (one for myself and my daughter) and if you are looking to do the same, they are the Crane brand. (Link to purchase here).