A Little Tender Love & Care

Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Is a local company based out of Canmore Alberta CA. It is a fabulous brand that carries pretty well everything you could imagine and want for care products (I use several) and the best part is they smell unbelievable and are all natural which means they are A-MA-ZING. Since having little ones we have always used the Baby Bum Balm and I am sure it is by far the very best product for diaper rash prevention on this planet. It smells unbelievable and protects and soothes their skin like no other. When our little ones were in diapers I always kept a large jar for diaper changes at home and the small jar in the diaper bag for travel/on the go. And an added bonus-it can be used for other uses such as cradle cap to dry cuticles or hands. And then there is their Baby Bear Soap, so gentle on skin you can use it everyday without any harsh drying effects. And if your face needs a little TLC , try washing it with this stuff, it will leave you feeling renewed. If you have or know of anyone with little ones these are a definite a must.

Rocky Mountain Soap Baby Bear Soap

Rocky Mountain Soap Baby Bum Balm