Almond-Coconut Macaroon Chicks | Easter Dessert

Hi friends! It's been SO long since I've been on here and it's definitely time I posted something to share with all of you! I hope everyone is staying healthy during these tough times and that through it all, you are able to find a reason to smile each and every day-it's important:) By sharing these delightful little cuties with you I hope that maybe they'll be just that reason. After all, right now I'm sure we could all use a little something that is fun, lighthearted and that makes us feel like a kid, the simple, happy stuff.

We made our batch of Easter almond-coconut chick macaroons today and they'll be our "something sweet" after our big meal on Sunday (and because they're fluffy and lighter, they can be enjoyed in their entirety!). They're a cinch to create, take only a few ingredients, a little bit of time and a perfect family activity. Coconut has to be one of my very absolute favorite flavours (the equal other being almond), so I was set with the intent of finding something that could combine both (a perfect taste for spring) and be our special holiday dessert. Within minutes of scrolling the pages of Pinterest for something to inspire me I came across SO many fantastic ideas but these ones were exactly what I had in mind. To make the full sized chicks as we did you will get about 4-6 (depending on your size of bodies and heads) out of a single batch of the macaroon recipe below. We doubled the recipe so that we would have extra chicks to enjoy throughout the week and it made 12.