A Trip To The Rockies | Our Winter Getaway

We live near the Rockies so every year we make several trips to the mountains during the warmer months but the last few years we have also made a winter tradition of going to the Ice Festival in Lake Louise with my sister and her husband. We spend the first half of the day taking in the amazing ice sculptures (a world renown event) and doing winter activities at Lake Louise. We then drive into Banff afterwards to see the snow sculptures at their SnowDays, grab some dinner and spend the night, it's a "bundled up" weekend in the mountains and we love it. The Rockies are absolutely stunning any time of the year but there is just something ever so more majestic and peaceful about them when all of the peaks and valleys are blanketed in snow, every tree and rooftop looking as though someone scooped a big dollop of whipped cream and plopped it right on top-almost surreal in some ways. And then the icicles that form, well those are just unbelievable, I have never seen anything like it elsewhere before, certainly not ones as large those that have frozen to buildings and that cling, almost suspended, onto every inch of overhang it can find. Nature paints an extraordinary picture this time of year there and if you are ever in the area or are wanting a cozy mountain escape I highly recommend this location (though hiking and wandering the shops of small mountain towns during warmer months is a highlight as well). There is no shortage of activities to do no matter the season.